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Bone and Horn Beads

Bone and Horn Beads

Bone and horn beads were among the first made by our ancestors for artistic decoration. Bone and horn beads are still very popular now, as they are perfect for creating unique tribal inspired jewellery designs. We stock a variety of bone and horn beads in various shapes and colour finishes including natural, dyed and patterned.

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Black Bone Safari Hairpipe Tube Bead With Red Stripe 24x5mm PK5

Create a striking jewellery design with these fiery bone beads, they have a smooth black exterior al..


Black Bone Safari Hairpipe Tube Bead With Red Stripe 35mm PK10

Create unique jewellery pieces with these striking black bone beads which have a detailed red stripe..


Black Bone Safari Hairpipe Tube Bead With White Stripe 35mm PK10

These striking traditional bone beads have a smooth black exterior with a unique irregular white str..


Black Horn Oval Pendant - Cream Cross Design 50mm PK1

This bone pendant has two large holes with a central cross motif in a natural beige colour. The pend..


Black Horn Oval Pendant With Natural Band/Line 48mm PK1

This black pendant has a shiny surface and a natural grain-like effect band through the centre of th..


Black Horn/Bone Double Ridge Round Spacer Beads (20mm)

This round bead has a striking black colour and a smooth, glossy surface. It also has two ridges aro..

Black Horn/Bone Ridged Barrel Shaped Beads - 23mm (PK2) Out Of Stock

Black Horn/Bone Ridged Barrel Shaped Beads - 23mm (PK2)

These black horn beads have a wonderfully unique beehive shape with decorative ridges around the cir..


Black Natural Bone Long Tube Hairpipe Beads 36mm (PK3)

Create sophisticated style and elegance with these black bone beads. They are lightweight and e..


Brown Bone Safari Hairpipe Tube Bead With Cream Stripes 35mm PK10

Get creative with these stunning brown bone beads which have a smooth textured surface and a cream s..


Brown Natural Oval Horn Pendant With Large Hole (54mm)

This natural horn pendant has a beautifully finished surface and naturally occurring grain patt..


Brown Plain Tribal Dreadlock Bicone Horn Beads 15x10mm PK5

These traditional tribal bicone horn beads have a rare rustic-effect appearance, which allows them t..


Carved Eagle Tribal Natural Bone Bead Pendants 33mm PK2

These tribal eagle shaped pendants are hand carved and are crafted from natural bone. They feature t..


Carved Natural Bone Tribal Fish Bead Pendant 44mm - PK1

This beautiful fish pendant is hand crafted from natural bone and features a smooth glossy surface. ..


Carved Tortoise Natural Bone Charm Pendant (42mm) - PK1

For a contemporary jewellery design use this beautifully detailed natural bone bead pendant. Create ..


Carved Tribal Man Natural Bone Bead Pendant 40mm PK1

This unique natural bone pendant is hand crafted and features an elegant engraved tribal decorated h..

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