Types of Jewellery Findings

Alligator Hair Clip

A plain metal clip that is commonly used to make hair bows and hair accessories. 


Barrel Clasp

A barrel shaped fastener that is connected together by either a screw or magnet. 


Bangle/Bracelet Base

A plain metal bangle/bracelet which beads and jewellery components can be added to.


Bead Cap

A metal ornament that is added to beads for decorative purposes. They come in a variety of metals, sizes and designs. 


Brooch Backs

Metal pins that have a three-hole plate or plain plate that can be decorated.


Box Clasp

A two-piece metal clasp that opens when the exterior lever is pushed down, this compresses the mechanism so that it slides out of the opening. To close push it back in and it clicks into place. 



A type of necklace/cord end that is shaped like a clamshell with a hole in the centre and is used to cover knots or crimp beads. 


Chain Extension

A metal chain that is used to extend the length of a necklace.


Chain Maille Ring

A type of jump ring that is made from artistic wire and is commonly used to make chain maille designs. 


Charm Hanger/Holder/Carrier

A metal finding that is used to attach a charm to a necklace or bracelet. 


Chandelier Earring


A highly decorative long earring that has various tiers of beads.


Cord Ends


Metal jewellery findings that are used to finish and grip the stringing material allowing a clasp to be added. They come in various shapes such as springs, cones, cups, tubes, clamshells and cup chains. 


Crimp Coil/Spring Coil


A type of cord end that is shaped like a spring and is used with waxed linen cords, suede cords, leather cords, ribbon and hemp cord.


Crimp Bead/Tube


A small metal bead or tube that is used to finish a strand of beads by flattening it with crimping pliers. 


Crimp Bead Cover


Used to cover and conceal folded crimp beads.


Cup Chain End


A metal jewellery end that has a loop on the end and is used to finish a cup chain. 


Ear Clips/Ear Wraps/Ear Cuffs


Non-pierced jewellery used to decorate ears.


Ear Post/Base


A metal finding that has a stick at the back and passes through a pierced earlobe. They come in a variety of styles and can be decorated to create earrings.


Ear Wire Hoop


A metal hoop made from precious metal or surgical steel that can be used to create earrings for pierced ears.


Ear Wire Lever Back


A hook shaped earring finding that is hinged to the base and has a loop at the bottom for attaching beads.


Ear Thread


An earring component that is composed of a thin metal chain with a pin on one end and a ball or loop on the opposite end for the attachment of beads. 


Ear Nut


A metal backing that has a hole and slides on the back of an ear post. 


Eye Pin


A metal wire of varying length that has a pre-formed loop at one end. 




A type of ornamental jewellery metal work. 


Fish hook/French Ear Wire


A fishhook shaped finding that is used to make earrings. The hook end passes through pierced ears and the other end is used for attaching beads.


Hairpin/Hair clip


A fastening device that is used to hold hair in place.




A hair accessory that is worn for decoration or to keep hair off the face.


Head Pin


A metal wire of varying length that has a flat or decorative end. 


Hook and Eye Clasp


A two-piece clasp composed of a round hook that is attached to an s-shaped end to secure the necklace or bracelet. 


Jump Ring


A metal ring with a split opening that can be twisted to open and close.


Key rings


Metal rings that are used to hold keys and other decorative items.


Kidney Wire


A metal wire that has a kidney shape which can be opened and closed. It can be decorated with beads and charms to create earrings.


Kilt Pin


A large metal pin that has metal loops across the bottom. 


Lanyard Hook Clasp


A hook shaped metal wire that is wide at one end and narrow on the opposite end. It opens inwards by applying pressure on the opening and stays closed by the temper of the wire.


Lobster/Trigger Clasp


A lobster claw shaped clasp that can be opened by pushing down on a small lever and closed by releasing the lever. 


Magnetic Clasp


A metal clasp that has two magnets at both ends of a bracelet or necklace. The attraction of the magnets secures the jewellery design.


Pendant Bail


A metal finding that is used to attach a pendant to a necklace. They come in various shapes and styles with the most commons ones being a metal loop and a pinch bail.  


Ring Base


A plain metal ring that can be decorated with beads. 


Safety Chain


A small metal chain that is added next to the clasps on a necklace or bracelet and acts as a fail-safe should the clasp open.


Safety Pin


A coiled piece of metal wire that has a sharp point at one end and a catch plate at the other. It is used to attach jewellery to clothing. 


Screw Clasp


A metal clasp composed of two barrels that can be screwed together.


Shepherd Hooks


A type of ear wire that is shaped like a shepherd hook.


Split Ring


An oval or round metal ring that has two spiral turns.


Spacer Bar


A thin metal bar with drilled holes that is used to separate components such as beads.


Spacer Beads


Beads of various size and style that are used to divide jewellery components and separate patterns on a bracelet or necklace.


Spring Clasp/Bolt Clasp


A circular shaped clasp that is opened when a small lever is pushed back along the ring and is closed by releasing the lever.




An ornamental hairpiece. 


Toggle Clasp


A two-piece metal clasp that is composed of a bar and a ring. The bar is inserted into the ring and turned sideways to secure the necklace or bracelet. 


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