SuperDuo™ Duets™ Beads

SuperDuo™ Duets™ Beads
These brand new SuperDuo™ Duet™ beads are similar to the original SuperDuo™ glass beads in shape, size and applications. These Duets™ however are comprised of two varying shades of pressed Czech glass that has been fused together and formed to create a stunning dual colour design. The effect of which creates a shimmering ombré appearance and allows you to design unique colour changing projects. Manufactured in the Czech republic by renowned brand Matubo™ these beads will pair with a variety of seed beads to create intricate weaves and stunning patterns.
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SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Bead Black/White Bronze Luster 13g

Add a touch of vintage class to your woven seed bead designs and off loom jewellery projects using t..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Bead Green Turquoise Ivory Picasso

Comprised of two different glass colours; green turquoise and ivory Picasso, these oval shaped Super..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Beads Black/White Lazure Blue 13g

Create fabulous woven seed bead designs using these new design SuperDuo™ Duets™. Gorgeous two sided ..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Beads Black/White Matte Opaque 13g

These oval shape, two holed Czech glass beads are made by bead giant Matubo and feature a stunning t..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Beads Green Turquoise Ivory Luster

Add a touch of colour and intrigue to your woven seed bead designs and jewellery projects using thes..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Black/Opaque Beige Czech Beads 13g

These stunning monochrome style SuperDuo™ Duets™ feature a different colour and each holed side, the..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Black/White Green Luster Beads 13g

These black and white green luster SuperDuo™ Duets™ are a product of Czech glass beading manufacture..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Black/White Lilac Luster Beads 13g

Create show stopping woven seed bead projects and various jewellery designs using these uniquely bea..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ 5mm Glass Beads Navy/Ivory Opaque 13g

These bold two tonal effect beads are great for adding depth and intrigue into your woven seed bead ..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Beads Green Turquoise Ivory Opaque 13g

Use our delicate green turquoise and opaque ivory SuperDuo™ Duet™ beads to create fantastic springti..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Beads Green Turquoise/Ivory Nebula 13g

Our green turquoise and ivory nebula coloured SuperDuo™ Duet beads by Matubo™ are highly sought afte..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Black/Opaque White Dark Travertine 13g

Create stunning autumnal designs with these two toned black and opaque white dark travertine Matubo™..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Black/White Full AB Glass Beads - 13g

Create show stopping woven seed bead designs using these dazzling black and white full AB SuperDuo™ ..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Black/White Grey Luster Glass Beads 13g

These stylish black/white grey luster SuperDuo™ Duet™ beads are perfect for bold off loom beading de..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Black/White Red Luster Glass Beads 13g

Create bold woven seed bead projects and inspiring multi strand projects using these fabulous SuperD..


SuperDuo™ Duets™ Czech Beads 5x2.5mm Navy/Ivory Mat 13g

Use our brilliant new 5mm SuperDuo™ Duet™ beads to create wonderful off loom designs that change col..

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