Donut beads are round in shape and usually have a larger centre hole for stringing. They are very similar to rondelle beads and are often used as focals or spacers depending on their size. Why not combine them with contrasting shapes such as our sparkling Swarovski Crystal Bicones to create exquisite necklaces, bracelets and earrings?
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Czech O Bead® (3.8x1mm) Jet AB Glass Beads - 8.1 grams

Ideal for winter themed stylish jewellery and off loom designs, these green-blue iridescent Czech gl..


Czech O Bead® (3.8x1mm) Magic Purple Glass Beads - 8.1g

The hypnotic multi-coloured magic purple hue of our new Czech O Beads® is ideal for adding a splash ..


Czech O Bead® 3.8mm Chalk White Lilac Gold Luster 8.1g

Create fantastic jewellery and bead weaving designs with our lilac gold Luster coated chalk white Cz..


Czech O Bead® 3.8mm Glass Beads Crystal Capri Gold 8.1g

These stunning Capri gold coated crystal O Beads® have an elegant rose gold hue ideal for adding bol..


Czech O Bead® 3.8mm Jet California Gold Rush Beads 8.1g

Add bold style to off loom and jewellery designs with these sought after gold rush coated jet Czech ..


Czech O Bead® 3.8mm Peridot Capri Glass Ring Beads 8.1g

These glamorous 3.8x1mm Czech glass beads have a sparkling peridot core hue and a half-coating of me..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Amethyst Capri Gold Beads - 8.1g

These unique gold Capri half-coated amethyst Czech glass 3.8x1mm beads are ideal for creating stylis..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Crystal Silver Rainbow Beads 8.1g

Add a touch of glamour to your jewellery, bead weaving, and embroidery designs with these crystal O ..

Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Crystal Sliperit Glass Beads 8.1g Out Of Stock

Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Crystal Sliperit Glass Beads 8.1g

Use our new Sliperit coated crystal glass ring beads to create charming jewellery and bead weaving d..

Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Glass Beads Aluminium Silver 8.1g Out Of Stock

Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Glass Beads Aluminium Silver 8.1g

These 3.8x1mm O Beads® have a generous 1.3mm threading hole ideal for thicker stringing materials, s..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Glass Beads Amethyst Azuro 8.1g

Use our luxurious metallic Azuro coated amethyst O Beads® with our collection of grey beads and find..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Glass Beads Jet Bronze 8.1 grams

Create steam punk-industrial style jewellery designs with our jet bronze 3.8x1mm O Beads®. Their wid..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Glass Beads Purple Iris Gold 8.1g

These sought-after Czech O Beads® in Iris-coated gold and purple have a luxurious, rich tone. For an..


Czech O Bead® 3.8x1mm Lava Red Pressed Glass Beads 8.1g

As O Beads® were designed by a Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year, Sabine Lippert. These Czech g..


Czech O Bead® Crystal Golden Rainbow 3.8x1mm Beads 8.1g

With approximately 260 donut beads in each 8.1g reusable storage tube, these fashionable new rainbow..


Czech O Bead® Glass Beads (3.8x1mm) Magic Green - 8.1g

Create fantastic chain maille and bead weaving designs with these stunning 3.8x1mm magic green Czech..

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