Jewellery Supplies

Jewellery Supplies
An essential part of jewellery making are the tools and accessories which enable you to create your imaginative, high quality jewellery designs. We have a huge range of jewellery supplies whether you are a beginner or professional jewellery maker! These include a variety of pliers, mandrels, mallets, crimpers, bench blocks, beading needles and more! Pliers are one of the most basic things you will require and they come in various shapes and sizes. To start any basic beading project you will need round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and wire cutters.

Once you venture onto more complex jewellery making you may need looping pliers, crimpers and bent nose pliers too. Confused? Take a look at our guide about choosing your jewellery pliers. For your fancy wirework designs we have a wide range of jewellery supplies including the WigJig, mallets, coiling gizmo, ring mandrels and steel bench blocks. Create amazing designs using our craft wire by bending, coiling and hammering to add fabulous shape and texture to your jewellery.

Glue is another essential jewellery supply which is used for securing clasps, cabochons and adding embellishments to beads.  Our range includes GS hypo cement, bead enhance, super glue and Fevi kwik. Take a look at our guide to jewellery glue which has great advice on choosing the appropriate glue for your materials. We also stock a diverse range of accessories to use alongside your jewellery supplies. For fiddly bead projects we have bead mats and boards to keep your beads in place and bead scoops, magical picks, beading awls and beading needles for your embroidery and seed bead ideas. Our specialist range of jewellery supplies is always increasing, providing you with materials for creating macramé, kumihimo and bead weaving designs.

For inspiration or to learn new techniques we have various books detailing kumihimo, macramé, soutache, chain maille and seed bead embroidery ranging from basic beginners to advance projects. Organising your jewellery supplies and beads is a must! Take a look at our jewellery and bead storage solutions for the perfect way to keep your creative supplies neat and tidy. Once you have all the jewellery supplies you require you’ll be ready to start making fabulous necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more!
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