Purple and Blue Seed Beads

Purple and Blue Seed Beads
Our extensive range of blue and purple seed beads includes shades of violet, lilac, lavender, indigo, light blue, dark blue and ordinary blue. Perfect for creating elegant craft and jewellery projects. 
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Miyuki Bugle 6mm Seed Beads Matte Opaque Turquoise 25g

These flawless Japanese seed beads have a uniform shape, size and colour, making them ideal for prec..


10mm Arcos® par Puca® Metallic Mat Dark Plum Beads 8g

These brilliant crescent moon shaped Czech glass seed beads have three threading holes. Created to w..


2mm Fire Polished True2™ Bead Crystal Blue Rainbow PK50

These wonderful Czech glass seed beads feature a fire polished smooth faceted surface. True2 seed be..


3 Hole Arcos® par Puca® 10mm Czech Beads Pastel Aqua 8g

Use these tropical coloured pasted coated aqua Arcos® three holed beads to create wonderful summery ..


3.8mm Czech O Bead® Chalk White Lilac Vega Luster 8.1g

The lilac Vega Luster coating on these wonderful chalk white 1.3x1mm Czech glass donut beads creates..


3.8mm O Bead® Czech Glass Ring Beads Jet Sliperit 8.1g

Create stunning jewellery and off loom pieces with our 3.8x1mm Sliperit coated jet Czech glass O Bea..


3mm Czech Minos® par Puca® Beads Metallic Mat Blue - 9g

Created by renowned Parisian jewellery designer and beader Annick Puca; these Minos® par Puca® Czech..


Arcos® par Puca® 10mm Czech Glass Beads Pastel Lilac 8g

These beautiful Arcos® par Puca® are an interesting addition to hte Les Perles par Puca range; made ..


Arcos® par Puca® 10mm Opaque Blue Ceramic Look Beads 8g

These fabulous Arcos® par Puca® Czech glass beads have an opaque blue hue and ceramic look coating t..

Arcos® par Puca® Opaque Mix Amethyst Gold Ceramic Look Out Of Stock

Arcos® par Puca® Opaque Mix Amethyst Gold Ceramic Look

Create elegant evening-wear jewellery designs with these stunning opaque mix amethyst gold ceramic l..


Charlottes Czech Preciosa 15/0 Crystal Brown Flare 5g

These interesting pressed Czech glass Charlotte seed beads have a crystal brown flare that radiates ..


Czech Arcos® par Puca® 3 Hole Bead Metallic Mat Blue 8g

Create stunning bead weaving designs with these brilliant Arcos® par Puca® crescent beads. Made from..


Czech Arcos® par Puca® Beads Opaque Blue Turquoise - 8g

Create beautiful bold jewellery designs and off loom projects with these opaque blue turquoise Arcos..


Czech Arcos® par Puca® Metallic Mat Purple Glass Beads

Made from high quality pressed Czech glass, these vibrant metallic matte purple Arcos® par Puca® bea..

Czech Arcos® par Puca® Pastel Bordeaux Glass Beads 8g Out Of Stock

Czech Arcos® par Puca® Pastel Bordeaux Glass Beads 8g

These vibrant pastel coated Bordeaux coloured Czech glass beads are perfect for creating quirky sout..


Czech Arcos® par Puca® Pastel Light Sapphire Beads - 8g

Add a touch of elegance and style to your woven seed bead designs using these 10mm cylindrical cresc..

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