Czech O Bead®

Czech O Bead®
Our collection of 3.8x1mm Czech O Bead® are ideal for making stunning jewellery designs and accessories. These flat, donut shaped, pressed glass beads perfectly complement two hole beads such as our Infinity Two Hole Cezch Beads and SuperDuos Twin Hole Beads. Sold in reusable 8.1g storage tubes.
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3.8mm Czech Glass O Bead® Chalk White Lazure Blue 8.1g

Thin layers of lazure coating on these beautiful 3.8x1mm Czech glass donut beads create a muted blue..


3.8mm Czech O Bead® Chalk White Lilac Vega Luster 8.1g

The lilac Vega Luster coating on these wonderful chalk white 1.3x1mm Czech glass donut beads creates..


3.8mm O Bead® Czech Glass Ring Beads Jet Sliperit 8.1g

Create stunning jewellery and off loom pieces with our 3.8x1mm Sliperit coated jet Czech glass O Bea..


3.8mm O Bead® Czech Ring Glass Beads Chalk White 8.1g

Get festive with our bold chalk white Czech glass O Beads®. The 3.8x1mm size and 1.3mm threading hol..


3.8x1mm O Bead® Czech Glass Beads Emerald Celsian 8.1g

Use our amazing 3.8x1mm O Beads® to create elegant, classic jewellery and bead weaving designs. The ..


3.8x1mm O Bead® Emerald AB Czech Glass Beads 8.1g

These beautiful emerald Czech glass beads have a stunning metallic Aurora Borealis (AB) coating. Use..


8.1g Czech Glass O Bead® 3.8x1mm Crystal Full Labrador

Capture an industrial themed look with these 3.8x1mm Czech O Beads®. The rich Labrador coating and t..


Czech Glass 3.8x1mm O Bead® Crystal Orange Rainbow 8.1g

The eye-catching rainbow coating over these 3.8x1mm crystal orange coloured beads creates a warm met..


Czech Glass Beads O Bead® (3.8x1mm) Amethyst AB - 8.1g

Create hypnotic futuristic designs with these stunning metallic Aurora Borealis (AB) coated amethyst..


Czech Glass O Bead® (3.8x1mm) Amethyst Ring Beads 8.1g

Pair these beautiful amethyst Czech glass O Beads® with our collection of brass beads and findings t..


Czech Glass O Bead® 3.8x1mm Beads Jet Full Vitrail 8.1g

These glittering 3.8x1mm jet O Beads® have a pink-green reflection metallic Vitrail coating that add..


Czech Glass O Bead® 3.8x1mm Crystal Lemon Rainbow 8.1g

Add a shimmering citrus hue to your off loom and jewellery projects with these popular new rainbow c..


Czech Glass O Bead® 3.8x1mm Rosaline Amber Beads 8.1g

Add vintage style to your jewellery and bead weaving designs with these fashionable Amber coated Cze..


Czech Glass O Bead® Chalk White Labrador Matte 8.1 gram

Our modern half chalk white half Labrador coated Czech O Beads® are tumbled to give a perfect matte ..


Czech Glass O Bead® Rosaline AB (3.8x1mm) Beads - 8.2g

These beautiful Rosaline Czech glass beads have a stunning green-purple AB coating which changes wit..


Czech Glass O Bead® Rosaline Capri Gold Beads - 8.2g

The captivating gold Capri coating on these Rosaline O Beads® creates a stunning copper hue, ideal f..

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