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Jewellery Tools

Jewellery Tools

We have a great selection of jewellery tools for all your jewellery making needs. Jewellery tools are a key part of the jewellery making process with the most basic and perhaps the most essential tools to have being a good set of pliers and wire cutters. We stock basic and specialist pliers including 3 step looping pliers, ear wire makers, and the One Step Bead Wire Looper for creating perfect wire loops every time.

Specialist cutters are a good jewellery tool to have for cutting thicker wires, memory wire, leather cords and sheet metal. The stainless steel cutters by Clauss are perfect for cutting tougher materials such as sheet metal, rope, wire, and plastic. They are also guaranteed for 10 years. If you're working with tough memory wire, make sure you have a pair of specialist memory wire cutters on hand as memory wire can damage standard pliers very quickly.

Handy jewellery tools are also available to make beading easier, such as the Bead Buddy Bead Bugs for securing your beading thread, the Beadsmith Thread Zap Ultra Tool for cutting and sealing your thread, and the Beadsmith Mini Spin and String Bead Loader which makes light work of stringing tiny seed beads. If you want to have a go at creating your own ear wires, take a look at the 1 Step Bead Buddy Ear Wire Maker. This handy tool makes light work of creating your very own ear hooks from craft wire, saving you money in the long run.

As you progress in your jewellery making, you will find you may need to use other jewellery tools such as hammers and steel bench blocks for manipulating wire and sheet metal, mandrels for ring sizing and making jump rings, and bead reamers for widening bead holes in pearls and other beads. You will even find a tassel maker for creating you very own tassels with a range of threads. If you like working with wire, we have a range of jewellery tools for manipulating craft wires such as the Wig Jigs and the Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo. Additionally there are Bead Buddy solutions and polishing cloths for cleaning your jewellery and removing tarnish as well as Thread Heaven thread conditioner for coating and protecting polyester and cotton beading threads.

If you're new to jewellery making, check out our Bead Tool Types Guide and Jewellery & Beading Tutorials department where you will find information on using selected jewellery tools in jewellery making. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch our Jewellery Tool How To's!
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