Jewellery Pliers

Jewellery Pliers
Jewellery making pliers are essential for anyone wishing to make handmade jewellery. We stock a range of high quality pliers from chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and side cutters which will help you create, individual well made jewellery. From mini pliers to colour coded id pliers and a range of pliers with cases, we have everything to get you started in creating wonderful jewellery designs.
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1 Step Bead Buddy Ear Wire Maker - Make Your Own Hooks

Create professional ear wires and hooks in one quick and easy squeeze with this excellent bead buddy..


1 Step Bead Wire Looper Create & Trim 1.5mm Loops

Use this brilliant new handy Beadsmith tool to accurately trim and loop headpins and eyepins. This e..

1 Step Big Bead Wire Looper Create & Trim 3mm Loops Out Of Stock

1 Step Big Bead Wire Looper Create & Trim 3mm Loops

Create your own custom length eyepins with ease, using this Beadsmith one step big wire looper that ..


Beadsmith 3-Step Round/Hollow Looping Pliers With Spring

Use these brilliant 3 step looping pliers to create your own 2.5mm, 4mm and 5.5mm jump rings. The ro..


Beadsmith 3.5 & 5.5mm Bail Making Pliers with Spring 7"

This brilliant bail making tool by The Beadsmith features no graduated round jaws, one measuring 3.5..


BeadSmith 4 Piece Superfine Ergonomic Jewellery Pliers

A great set of jewellery making tools to get you started. Each tool has a range of uses including gr..


Beadsmith 6 & 8.5mm Bail Making Pliers with Spring 7"

These brilliant bail making pliers by The Beadsmith will enable you to create panednat bails from si..


Beadsmith 6-in-1 Looping Pliers Bail Making Jewellery Tool

Create uniformed loops, bails and wire forms using this high quality 6-in-2 looping plier. This tool..


Beadsmith 6pc Beader's Mini Travel Kit | Tools | Board

This handy mini travel kit is a brilliant addition to your beading and jewellery supplies. This plas..

Beadsmith Bent Nose Superfine Chain Nose Jewellery Pliers Out Of Stock

Beadsmith Bent Nose Superfine Chain Nose Jewellery Pliers

This handy bent nose plier is lightweight and easy to use making it perfect for bending wire and met..


Beadsmith Chain Nose Jewellery Making Pliers With Spring

These high quality chain nose pliers by The Beadsmith feature a soft operating double leaf spring me..


Beadsmith Chain Nose Jewellery Pliers with Cutter Color ID

Create angled bends in your wire craft projects, open and close jump rings, and flatten crimps with ..


Beadsmith Color I.D Economy 5 Piece Jewellery Plier Set

This Beadsmith economy 5 plier set is perfect for beading and jewellery making. Each pair of pliers ..


Beadsmith Colour ID 3 Piece Beading Economy Plier Set

This set of colour coded pliers provides artisans with three individual types of pliers for jeweller..


Beadsmith Colour ID 3 Piece Mini Jewellery Plier Set

This superb three piece mini jewellery tool set includes round nose pliers, semi-flush side cutters ..


Beadsmith Double Nylon Jaw Chain Nose Plier Tool 4.75"

These sturdy pro-quality nylon jaw chain nose pliers by The Beadsmith are a part of the PL500 series..

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