Headpins & Eyepins

Headpins & Eyepins
Headpins and eyepins are a very important part of your basic jewellery making kit. They can be used for a number of different jewellery projects including earrings, charm necklaces and bracelets, rosary beads and more! Headpins are made from wire and have a flat or decorative end at the bottom of the pin to stop the beads falling off. Eyepins are similar to headpins only instead of a flat end they have a pre-formed loop at one end. They are ideal when joining components together in jewellery pieces such as beads to create rosary style creations. When using either headpins or eyepins you will need to form a loop at one end of the pin. When creating loops you will need to use a pair of round nose pliers.
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Flat Head Hard Silver Plated Headpins (2 inch) 50mm PK50

Headpins are a popular component for using in jewellery making projects. They are extremely versatil..


Flat Head Soft Antique Gold Plated Headpins (1 inch) PK50

These antique gold plated headpins are perfect for creating pendants, charms and drop earrings. They..


Flat Head Soft Antique Gold Plated Headpins (2 inch) PK50

These soft antique headpins are gold plated and have a flat head at one end to stop your beads from ..


Flat Head Soft Gold Plated Headpins (1.5 inch) 38mm PK50

Use these gold plated headpins to create a fabulous personalised charm bracelet. Simply thread your ..


Flat Head Soft Silver Plated Headpins (1 inch) 25mm PK50

Use these silver plated head pins to create unique charms, pendants and drop earrings. They feature ..


Flat Head Soft Silver Plated Headpins (1.5 inch) 38mm PK50

These silver plated headpins are extremely versatile and can be used in a range of jewellery designs..


Flat Head Soft Silver Plated Headpins (2 inch) 50mm PK50

These versatile headpins are made from silver plated wire and feature a flat head at one end to stop..


Soft Silver Plated 0.8mm Eyepins (2 inch) 50mm PK50

These silver plated eyepins are perfect for joining a range of jewellery components together. They a..


Soft Silver Plated Eyepins (1.5 inch) 38mm PK50

These soft eyepins are silver plated and can be used to create dangle earrings, rosary bead necklace..


2 Inch (50mm) Rose Gold Plated Eye Pins 0.6mm Wire PK50

These versatile eye pins are great for a range of crafts and jewellery designs. Measuring 2 inches t..


925 Sterling Silver Ball Head Pin 0.65mm Dia 1" (PK10)

Our 1 inch long headpins are perfect for adding a wire-wrapped finish to your favourite beads. Made ..


Flat Head Pins 50mm (2 Inch) Gold Plated 0.60mm - PK50

Get creative with these beautiful gold plated head pins. They feature a flat head and have a wonderf..


Gold Plated Eyepins 50mm (2 Inch) - 0.60mm Wire - PK50

Make beautiful decorative elements for your various jewellery with these excellent quality eye pins ..


Hypoallergenic Niobium Findings Green 1.5

Niobium is the perfect material for jewellery due to it's hypoallergenic properties. Use these fabul..


Hypoallergenic Niobium Findings Purple Eyepin 1.75

Niobium is a rare physiologically inert material, ideal for use by people with allergies to gold, si..


Hypoallergenic Niobium Green Findings 1.75

These vibrant electric green eyepins are great for creating wonderful drop earrings using with other..

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