Soutache Cord

Soutache Cord
We have three wonderful styles of soutache cords which have a narrow flat decorative braid. We have polyester cords which come in bright colours, rayon which is a semi natural material and a textured metallic cord that can be combined to create interesting soutache designs.
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Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord - Antique Silver 3yd

Use our Beadsmith cord to create beautiful embroidered patterns in your jewellery designs. The rayon..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord - Gold/Black 3 yards

Give your soutache projects a touch of elegance with this Beadsmith cord. It is textured metallic co..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord - Matte Silver 3 yards

Use this silver cord to create trendy soutache earrings, bracelets and necklaces. This braided metal..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord - Silver Black 3 yards

Use this braided cord for your soutache and embroidery projects for a bold effect. The cord is a tex..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord 3mm Wide - Bronze 3yd

Use this metallic cord to add a subtle sparkle to your soutache jewellery. Our cord features 3mm orn..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord 3mm Wide - Copper 3yd

Use this bold metallic cord to create eye-catching soutache jewellery and accessories. The copper su..


Beadsmith Soutache Metallic Cord 3mm Wide - Silver 3yd

Create dazzling bracelets, necklaces and more with this gorgeous textured metallic cord. It consists..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord - Dark Lilac 3 yards

This high-quality cord is perfect for your soutache jewellery and will add a lovely burst of colour...


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord - Deep Beige 3 yards

Combine this polyester cord with our soutache accessories and thread to create a trendy jewellery de..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord - Light Brown 3 yards

Use this Beadsmith cord to create exquisite soutache earrings, bracelets and more. It features fine ..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord - Limelight 3 yards

Use our striking Beadsmith cord to create funky necklaces, bracelets and for decorating accessories!..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord - Medium Blue 3 yards

Give your soutache jewellery a bold splash of colour with this striking blue cord. It is made from s..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord 3mm Wide - Beige 3yd

Use this simple beige cord to create your imaginative embroidered necklaces, earrings and bracelets...


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord 3mm Wide - Maize 3yd

Our high quality braided cord is perfect for your colourful soutache ideas. It's made from polyester..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord 3mm Wide - Marine 3yd

Create an ocean inspired necklace with this marine blue cord. It is ideal for soutache jewellery, ac..


Beadsmith Soutache Polyester Cord 3mm Wide - Peach 3yd

Give your jewellery a splash of colour with this high-quality beadsmith cord. It is 3mm wide and mad..

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