Types of stringing material and knotting cords

Types of stringing material and knotting cords
There are many different types of cords and stringing materials to use in your jewellery and craft projects so it can be quite confusing choosing the correct one. There are different threads suitable for woven and macramé ideas and a variety of cords used as stringing material for your necklace and bracelet designs. Here is a guide to help you to choose the right material to produce excellent results.
Nylon cord
You will find many forms of nylon cord which are versatile for use in a variety of jewellery designs. It works well in macramé and woven bracelets as well as used as general stringing material.

Chinese knotting cord

 Chinese knotting cord is made from braided nylon and is ideal for shamballa bracelets and ornamental knotting. It has a strong core which gives it stiffness to maintain its rounded shape. It can fray easily so ensure you seal the ends with a lighter once you have completed your design.

KO beading thread

Produced in Japan, KO beading thread is made by weaving single ply nylon. It is fray resistant and knots tightly. This thread is strong, abrasion resistant and can be used with beading needles.

Nymo beading thread

The Nymo beading thread is slight waxed and resists twisting and knotting. It is wonderful for stitching projects, loomwork and for use with seed beads. It is recommended to use an additional wax or thread conditioner on the surface to help avoid fraying.

Superlon cord

This is a versatile thread that can be used in a variety of beading designs. It is ideal for micro macramé, kumihino braiding and bead crochet. Superlon cord is made from twisted nylon multifilament which ensures it is a strong, durable yet supple thread to work with.

Cotton cord

This is a hardwearing cord often used for stringing and for decorative knotting. It consists of multiple woven threads of cotton that is usually glazed with wax to avoid fraying. Use cotton cord for stringing beads with larger threading holes as it is predominantly found in 1-2mm thickness. It is a durable cord with a clean smooth surface.

Elastic cord

Create stretchy bracelets using elastic cord for jewellery that is super easy to wear and remove. It is available is various colours and sizes to suit your jewellery design. Once you have strung your beads onto the elastic it can be finished with a simple surgeons knot and a small amount of glue for extra security.

Fireline thread

Use our Fireline thread within your jewellery designs when you require extra strength. It is a non stretch, pre-waxed polyethylene fibrewhich can be knotted easily. It is ideal for beads that have sharper edges as it will not damage the thread. You can use this with a beading needles to help create delicate seed bead designs.

Hemp cord

If you are an environmentally conscious beader then hemp cord perfect stringing material for you! It is a natural biodegradable thread making it eco friendly. It is strong and durable, ideal for use with heavier beads. Use this for your macramé projects to create firm, secure knots. It is versatile to use and can be incorporated into your woven designs for jewellery and craft projects.

Polyester cord

Our polyester cord is wonderful for shamballa and macramé jewellery designs. It is strong, knots very easily and is also ideal for stringing beads with larger threading holes. The cord doesn’t shrink or misshape when in contact with moisture and has a wax coating to help prevent fraying.


Rattail is similar to Chinese knotting cord and is ideal for Kumihimo braiding, shamballa and macramé jewellery. It has a soft, shiny satin surface which is available in a variety of colours to complement your design.

Silk strings

Use these gorgeous silk strings to enhance your Chinese knotting and macramé projects. They are flexible to work with and have a soft, smooth surface. They are also ideal for stringing beads, charms and pendants. Each silk string is hand sewn and dyed with eco friendly colourant.


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