Red is a warm, bright colour that evokes strong emotions. It is fiery, intense, confident and is also associated with love, warmth and comfort. Create jewellery and accessories that will stand out from the crowd with our wonderful range of beads and stringing materials in sumptuous shades of red such as Siam red or fantastic burgundy.
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Sputnik Lampwork Red And Black Round Glass Beads 16mm

Use these brilliant sputnik round glass beads to create unique and interesting jewellery designs and..


Sputnik Lampwork Red And Blue Round Glass Beads 16mm PK3

These red and blue sputnik beads have a lovely glossy surface and feature a 2mm sized threading..

Transparent Dark Red Round Glass Beads 12mm (PK10) Out Of Stock

Transparent Dark Red Round Glass Beads 12mm (PK10)

Create something special with these round glass beads that have a beautiful shine and are perfect fo..


Transparent Handmade Dark Red Round Glass Beads (14mm)

These deep red glass beads have a smooth shiny surface which reflects light beautifully and are..


Transparent Handmade Red Round Glass Beads 14mm (PK10)

Express your creative side with these transparent red glass beads that have a beautif..


Transparent Nugget Red Glass Beads 10x8mm PK10

These fancy nugget glass beads have a beautiful red surface and are great for adding glamo..


Transparent Red Round Glass Beads 6mm PK20

Use these intense red glass beads which have a smooth surface and a visible white core. The transpar..


Transparent Red Round Glass Beads 8mm PK10

Get creative with these stunning red glass beads which have a fantastic smooth surface and shiny app..


Transparent Silver Foil Red Oval Glass Beads 28x15mm PK3

Our beads are great for late summer jewellery designs. These beads have lovely shades of soft a..

Two Tone Blue Red Transparent Oval Barrel Glass Beads 10mm Out Of Stock

Two Tone Blue Red Transparent Oval Barrel Glass Beads 10mm

↵Express your creative side with these amazing transparent beads. These glass beads have a bea..


Ultra Micro Fibre Suede Claret Flat Cord 3x1.5mm - 1 Metre

This flat synthetic suede cord will make a wonderful addition to your jewellery ..


White and Red Banding Flat Barrel Beads 18x14x6mm (PK5)

Use our stunning glass beads to make some wonderful jewellery. Each bead has a band of white se..


White Oval Tube Red Stripe Lampwork Glass Beads 20x8mm

These quirky white tube beads have striking parallel red stripes on their tips and a matte..


Yellow Stripe Pattern Matt Red Cube Glass Beads 8mm PK10

These cube shaped glass beads have wonderful red colour on which there are yellow speckled deta..


10mm Arcos® par Puca® Czech Beads Opaque Coral Red - 8g

Create vibrant jewellery designs and off loom projects using these coral red Arcos® par Puca® glass ..


10mm Double Satin Dark Red Ribbon for Beading 7 Metres

Use this double sided 10mm satin ribbon in a beautiful deep red wine shade. Perfect for the autumn/w..

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