The colour purple is an interesting mix of warm red and cool blue. It is seen by many as the symbol of royalty and wealth as well as wisdom and spirituality. Shades of purple range from deep aubergine, indigo, violet and royal purple to lighter shades like lavender and lilac. We have a great collection of beads in a variety of designs and materials in various beautiful purple shades.
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SuperUno™​ Czech Seed Beads (5mm) Chalk Vega Luster 22g

These eye-catching Czech seed beads have a gorgeous shimmering purple design and feature a single ho..


Swarovski (2078) Hotfix Crystal SS20 Purple Velvet PK24

Apply Swarovski hotfix crystals to encrust ribbon and soutache bracelets, textile bags or wallets. P..


Swarovski (2078) Hotfix Flat Backs Paradise Shine SS34

Inject a touch of sparkling colour into you fashion and costume designs using these Swarovski flat b..


Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Crystal Rose Glacier Blue F 14mm

These fine quality Swarovski crystals in rose glacier blue reflect a beautiful mix of the colou..


Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Crystal Stone Ultra Purple 14mm

This purple Swarovski crystal has limitless design potential and can be used in a wide variety ..


Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Crystal Topaz Purple Haze F 14mm

This purple haze Swarovski rivoli crystal will add eye catching beauty and radiance to your jeweller..


Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Crystals Tanzanite F 10.7mm PK2

Use these Swarovski rivoli crystals to add sparkle and glamour to your woven seed bead designs...


Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Stone Emerald Purple Haze F 14mm

These amazing emerald purple haze Swarovski rivoli crystals reflect a beautiful mix of the..


Swarovski 12mm Crystal Pearl Beads 5810 Blackberry PK10

These lovely crystal pearl beads by Swarovski have the most stunning deep blackberry hue and incredi..


Swarovski 2038 Hotfix Flat Backs SS6 Purple Velvet PK24

Gorgeous Swarovski flat back crystals made with Swarovski's XIlion Rose cut for a dazzling shine and..


Swarovski 2078 Hotfix Flat Backs SS20 Paradise Sunshine

Add a piece of paradise to your accessories and costumes with these incredibly vivid crystals. The s..


Swarovski Hotfix 2038 Crystal Paradise Shine SS10 PK24

These paradise shine Swarovski flat back hotfix stones have a gorgeous iridescent coating that refle..


Swarovski Hotfix 2038 Flat Back Paradise Shine SS6 PK24

These gorgeous round Swarovski flat back crystal hotfix are ideal for fixing onto clothing to accent..


Swarovski Hotfix 2078 Crystal Paradise Shine SS16 PK24

The exquisite sparkle and light refraction is uniquely created by Swarovski's Xirius Rose cut. It's ..


Swarovski Hotfix 2078 Flatbacks SS34 Purple Velvet PK12

These stunning round purple Swarovski crystals have a silver foiled hotfix backing allowing you to f..


Swarovski Hotfix Crystal 2078 Purple Velvet (SS16) PK24

These fabulous Swarovski flat back crystals have a silver foiled backing and flexible hotfix glue al..

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