Choose from our wide selection of beads, stringing materials and findings in all the colours of the rainbow. There are semi-precious gemstones, decorative glass beads, patterned polymer clay beads, AB coated Swarovski Crystals, seed beads and more! Combine these beads with black, silver or white beads to create amazing jewellery and craft projects.
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O Bead® Jet California Gold Rush Matte Czech Beads 8.1g

Create extravagant steam punk themed jewellery and accessory projects with these fashionable 3.8x1mm..


Paisley Duo Czech Glass Beads Crystal Grey Rainbow 8.5g

These colourful crystal grey rainbow Paisley Duo seed beads include an array of metallic colours. Hi..


Pipkits Friendship Charm Bead Necklace Kit (3 Necklaces)

Create fabulous gifts for family and friends using this kit. This fantastic set has all you need to ..


Pipkits Friendship Charm Beads Bracelet Kit - (Brights)

This brilliant Pipkits bracelet set has all you need to make 6 lovely charm bracelets using simple k..


Pipkits Friendship Charm Beads Necklace Kit - (Brights)

This kit is perfect for creating, wearing and sharing jewellery with your loved ones. Follow the ins..


Preciosa Crystal Beads Rich Cut Round 10mm Crystal AB

These Preciosa crystal beads feature geometrically precise cuts that reflect light from every a..


Preciosa Crystals Rich Cut Round Beads Crystal AB 8mm

Create stunning crystal jewellery with these wonderful Preciosa round beads that are consi..


Preciosa Czech Charlottes 15/0 Crystal Vitrail Duplex

Our stunning crystal vitrail duplex 1.25mm Charlotte beads are manufactured by Czech glass giant Pre..


Preciosa Czech Glass Pip™ Bead 7mm Crystal Vitrail PK20

Use our wonderful Preciosa Pip™ beads with our Matubo SuperDuo and SuperUno collection to design mag..


Preciosa Czech Glass Pip™ Beads Crystal Vitrail Light

These crystal Vitrail light Czech Preciosa Pip™ glass beads are perfect for delicate floral off loom..


Preciosa Czech Pip™ 7mm Crystal Azuro Glass Beads PK20

Pair these amazingly hypnotic half-crystal half-Azuro Preciosa Pip™ beads with our collection of bac..


Preciosa Pip™ 7mm Czech Glass Bead Crystal Volcano PK20

These uniquely designed crystal volcano Preciosa Pip™ beads are perfect for creating stunning off lo..


Preciosa Pip™ Czech Glass Beads Crystal Magic Blue PK20

Pair our collection of Sterling Silver beads and findings with these crystal magic blue Preciosa Pip..


Preciosa Pip™ Czech Glass Beads Crystal Silver Rainbow

These simply gorgeous crystal Preciosa Pip™ beads have a dual coating of silver and rainbow, ideal f..


Preciosa Pip™ Glass Beads Crystal Graphite Rainbow PK20

Use these on-trend crystal graphite rainbow Preciosa Pip ™ beads to design elegant off loom jeweller..


Precious Metal Embellishment Cord 6 Fibers 4 yards each

Shimmering precious metals embellishment cords in silvers, golds and coppers. Add metallic seed bead..

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